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THE LIVESTOCK ANSWER®, also known as ‘Nature’s Very Own Probiotic,’ is a microbial driven formula that provides enhanced nutrition through overall digestion to support optimum health and performance of production animals of all shapes and sizes. Unlike other probiotic and enzyme products, THE LIVESTOCK ANSWER® is not a pill or an injection. It’s an all natural probiotic, enzyme and digestive aid dry feed additive that supports an animals overall gut and digestive system– stimulating their natural immune systems, reducing or even eliminating the use of antibiotics. After all, 70% of an animals overall health is based off their digestive system.


THE LIVESTOCK ANSWER® is an Nature's Very Own Natural Probiotic:

  • Consists of 7 Probiotics Strands & 10 Enzymes Sources
  • Can Reduce Cleanup Time Between 40–50%
  • Reduces Or Even Eliminate Antibiotics
  • Reduces Feed Consumption (Up to 25%)
  • Reduces Animal Stress (Due to heat, cold, wetness)
  • Reduces Illness& Death Loss
  • Reduces Internal& External Parasites


Ingredient Amorphous Silica; Kaolin; Reed-sedge peat; Dried yeast; Water; Maltodextrin
Package Sold by the bag or pallet. Comes in a 25 pound bag (40 bags) per pallet. 1000 lbs per pallet
Ingredient Guarantee The 25-lb (11.3 kg) bag contains
Net Weight 50, 60 kg